Charlotte von Hagn

* 23.03.1809 in Munich; ✝ 23.04.1891 in Munich




Of civil service stock, Charlotte von Hagn made her first appearance in 1828 at the Munich Court Theatre, and continued to perform there until she moved to the Berlin Court Theatre in 1833. After her marriage in 1846 she withdrew from the stage altogether. As we can deduce from contemporary sources, she was loved above all for lighter roles, for example that of ‘Drawing Room Lady’; but this did not prevent her from playing a series of classical parts for women.

Thus, in her repertoire we also find Shakespeare’s Juliette, Desdemona, Ophelia and Cordelia. Really remarkable, however, is that she was the first to play Puck on a German stage in Ludwig Tieck’s unprecedented 1843 production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tieck, though, complained that her understanding of the role had been too passive, and that she had really been counting on the effect her costume would make. All the same, the convention of casting Puck as a woman was to have a long theatrical life. 

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