Eduard von Grützner

* 26.05.1846 in Groß-Karlowitz (Silesia); ✝ 02.04.1925 in Munich

Genre Painter, Professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts



Eduard Grützner’s talent was discovered by his neighbourhood Catholic Priest, who then managed to get him a place in the private art academy of H. Dyck. In the very same semester, though, he moved to the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, where he received instruction from Hermann Anschütz und Carl Theodor von Piloty. From 1886 onwards he taught as a professor at this Academy.

Alongside his monumental and historical paintings, von Grützner produced Shakespeare-oriented works, especially in later years often painting Falstaff from Henry IV and The Merry Wives of Windsor. He furthermore worked together with von Piloty and von Menzel on a collected volume of visual representations of Shakespeare drama (Shakespeare-Gallerie, 1886). After receiving in 1880 the ‘Order of Saint Michael (First Class)’, he was ennobled in 1916, thereafter enjoying the right to go by the name Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner.





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