Emil Palleske

* 05.06.1823 in Tempelburg; ✝ 28.10.1880 in Thal

Writer, Actor, Dramatic Reader



Emil Palleske studied history and philology in Berlin, before turning to a career in acting.  Smaller roles in Posen, Stettin and Oldenburg hardly constituted a real breakthrough, but he did manage to acquire an extraordinary reputation as a reader of classical texts, above all of Shakespearian dramas. Between 1850 and 1880 he appeared on more than 3000 occasions as a reader, taking his programme on tour all over Europe.

Not content with making a name for himself as a reader, he also emerged as a writer. Dramas such as König Monmouth (1853) and Oliver Cromwell (1857) were received positively, but never won a permanent place in the repertoire. Palleske is also known as a Schiller biographer.


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