Friedrich Robert Volkmann

* 06.04.1815 in Lommatzsch (Saxony); ✝ 30.10.1883 in Budapest (Hungary)




At the age of twelve Friedrich Robert Volkmann was already capable of standing in for his father, Friedrich August Gotthelf Volkmann, the cantor of Lommatzsch, at the organ and to play in string quartets. He began to train as a teacher in Freiberg; however, when the local musical director discovered his talent he was sent to Leipzig, where he learned both the organ and musical theory. He was particularly strongly influenced by Robert Schumann and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the director of the Gewandhaus concerts. In 1839 he left Leipzig and moved to Prague, where he gave music lessons for a few years. In 1842 he moved again, this time to Budapest and lived there, with the exception of a four-year sojourn in Vienna, until his death.

Volkmann’s œuvre includes several works for orchestra, chamber ensembles and unaccompanied piano. He reached his musical apogee in 1852 with the composition of his piano trio in b-minor, op. 5.

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