Gustav Adolf Schöll

* 02.09.1805 ; ✝ 26.05.1882

Professor of Archeology, Librarian, Poet



Between 1823 and 1826 Schöll studied theology, philosophy and Greek mythology in Tubingen. Having completed his university course he was ready to undertake an ambitious academic career, completing his translation of Herodotus for the editors Osiander and Schwab. It was during this period that his first independent literary works were produced. The place Schöll chose as the right one for his professorial thesis was Berlin, where he was a welcome addition to various literary circles.

Having completed his professorial thesis he at first worked as a professor for archeology in Halle, before moving to Weimar, where he became Director of Artistic Events and Chief Librarian.  In addition, he won renown for erecting numerous monuments to poets, and was active in, amongst others, the German Shakespeare Society. The numerous treatises he published in the society’s yearbook, and his work in translating the sonnets into German, helped associate his name with Shakespeare’s.



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