Gustav Karl Berndal

* 02.11.1830 in Berlin; ✝ 31.07.1885 in Gastein




Berndal began his theatrical career as a stage-apprentice in Berlin. After engagements in Rostock, Königsberg and Stettin, he returned to the Berlin Court Theatre, where he was active until his death. From 1860 onwards he was type-cast in ‘mature hero’ roles. Alongside his theatrical work, he taught students the art of declamation, first at the Stern’sche Conservatory, then at the Royal College in Berlin.

In line with character specialization, he chiefly took classical male roles (Faust, Wilhelm Tell). Among the Shakespeare parts, his interpretations of Macbeth (1852) and of Romeo (his début role in Berlin, 1854) are particularly well-documented.

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