Hermine Claar-Delia

* 08.04.1844 in Vienna; ✝ 21.11.1908 in Frankfurt (Main)




Having been trained by actor Joseph Lewinsky, Hermine Delia made her début in Pest. This was followed by engagements at, among other venues, the Court Theatres of Berlin and Schwerin, none of them of long duration. Between 1869 and 1871 she was a member of the Leipzig Town Theatre under the direction of Heinrich Laube. In 1872 she married the artistic director Emil Claar, with whom she moved first to Prague, then to Berlin, where he became director of the Residenztheater in 1876. Her theatrical career came to an end in 1891.

Though she was at first type-cast as the ‘drawing room lady’ and in suchlike comedic roles, she later earned a reputation for her interpretation of tragic parts, gaining particular renown for the Theodora. Little is now known about her Shakespeare roles; the only part singled out for mention being that of Hermione in A Winter’s Tale.

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