Jacob Feis

* 1842 in Deidesheim; ✝ 1900 in London

Merchant, Scholar



Much of Feis’s biography remains unknown. We know that he was born in Germany a follower of the Jewish faith.  He soon moved to London, where he probably worked as a merchant and became a member of the Athenaeum. 

In London, during 1884 Feis published his treatise Shakspere and Montaigne. An Endeavour to Explain the Tendency of ‘Hamlet’ from Allusions in Contemporary Works. In so doing he was taking part in the debate as to how much the later work of Shakespeare was influenced by the writings of the French essayist Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592). For Feis Hamlet is the fictional incarnation of Montaigne’s scepticism, with Shakespeare clarifying his position on the humanism of the time in this work.

The Shakespeare scholar Feis is likely to correspond to the person who, from 1890, published with a Straßburg-based publisher many translations of English works into German. Amongst them were Tennyson’s poetry collection In Memoriam and a choice of Ruskin’s writings.



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