[Johann] Carl Conrad Hense

* 23.01.1813 in Eisleben; ✝ 05.03.1888 in Parchim

Pedagogue, Scholar



Hense studied theology and philology from 1831 to 1836 in Halle and Berlin. In 1836 he received his degree from the University of Halle-Wittenberg, and thereafter began a career in school teaching. After some years as a teacher at the Dom-Gymnasium in Halberstadt, Hense became Director of the grammar school in Salzwedel in 1859. Starting in 1863 he was performing the same duties at the grammar school in Parchim, from 1875 onwards at the grammar school in Schwerin. Three years later he was awarded the ‘Ritterkreuz’ of the Order of the Wendish crown from Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II. He wrote a great number of treatises on Shakespeare, often examining his work against the literature of classical antiquity.





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