Ludwig Noiré

* 26.03.1829 in Alzey; ✝ 27.03.1889 in Mainz

Teacher, Philosopher, Scholar



Ludwig Noiré, born in Alzey in 1829, studied at university between 1846 and 1848 in Giessen.  Thereafter he moved to Mainz, where he worked as a grammar school teacher until he died in 1889.

Noiré engaged intensively with the works of Spinoza, Schopenhauer and Lazarus Geiger. Under their influence he published a sequence of writings of his own, mostly relating to matters of metaphysics and the philosophy of language.

Furthermore, Noiré occasionally engaged in the field of Shakespeare studies. His book Zwölf Briefe eines Shakespeareromanen, published in 1874, defends Shakespeare and his ‘cult’ against the attacks on excessive Shakespeare devotion made by Roderich Benedix in his work Die Shakespearomanie. Zur Abwehr (Stuttgart, 1873).




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