Marie (von Falkenstein) Bayer-Bürck

* 31.10.1820 in Prague; ✝ 07. oder 10.02.1910 in Dresden




The daughter of the actor Franz Rudolf Bayer, Marie Bayer debuted on the Prague stage when she was only fifteen years old. From 1838 onwards she was employed by the Court Theatre in Hanover, until in 1841 Ludwig Tieck invited her to the Court Theatre in Dresden, where she lived for the rest of her life. This did not, however, prevent her from making a series of guest appearances – at the Wiener Burgtheater, amongst other venues. In 1841 she added her husband’s name to her own, styling herself Maria Bayer-Bürck. For her contemporaries she was the quintessential embodiment of the ‘character of the German woman’, although during her long career she played a host of Shakespeare parts; in particular, her Cordelia enjoyed extraordinary success.

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