Rosa [later Keller, also Beutel-Keller] Frauenthal

* 10.05.1852 in Vienna; ✝ 18.12.1912 in Munich




Rosa Frauenthal’s first marriage was to the actor Friedrich Wilhelm Keller, her second to the Munich building councillor Ferdinand Beutel. She debuted at the Stuttgart Court Theatre at the age of 18 and, apart from a one-year interval at the Vienna Stadttheater, remained faithful to that institution until 1875. After short engagements in Brünn, Graz and Prague, Frauenthal worked for the Mannheim National Theatre (1878-1881), the Court Theatre in Munich (1881-1884) and in Hanover (1884). From 1890 to 1898 she was a member of the Deutsches Volkstheater in Vienna, after which engagement she moved to the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg, soon afterwards retiring from the stage.

One of her most successful roles was that of Ophelia – and there is no evidence of her having taken other Shakespeare roles. However, given that the first names assigned to Frauenthal in the photo album are probably incorrect, a reference to ‘Hermine’ in the table of contents may point to her participation in a performance of The Winter’s Tale.



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