Rudolph Heinrich Genée

* 12.12.1824 ; ✝ 19.01.1914

Actor, Virtuoso Speaker, Theatre Historian



Genée, the son of theatre director Richard Genée, first encountered with the theatre while his father was in charge of the Danzig City Theatre. Though he received early training as a bass singer, he soon turned to journalism and writing. As a writer he was best known for his several plays and stage adaptations, among them adaptations of Shakespeare plays, and was also active as a public reader of Shakespeare. Some of his works were written under the pseudonym ‘P. P. Hamlet’.

Although Genée kept his distance from the professional study of philology – which is no doubt why he never had more than limited contact with the Shakespeare Society – he none the less published a series of Shakespeare studies, though these met with a mixed reception from specialists.



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