Siegwart Friedmann

* 25.04.1842 in Budapest (Hungary); ✝ 22.04.1916 in Dresden




Having been trained by Bogumil Dawison, Friedmann began his theatrical career taking character roles such as that of ‘bon-viveur’ in Breslau, before moving in 1864 to the Berlin Court Theatre, where, however, he did not stay long. After an engagement in Schwerin he worked in the period 1872-1876 for Heinrich Laube at the Vienna City Theatre. There followed a brief sojourn in Hamburg (1876-1879), at the conclusion of which he returned to Vienna. From 1880 onwards he was busy making guest-appearances in Germany, Austria and Russia. In 1882 his help was essential in establishing the German Theatre in Berlin, and he remained one of its board members until 1892. The German Theatre was conceived in a spirit of reform, to help promote ensemble productions rather than the current emphasis on itinerant virtuosos. In 1893 illness forced Friedmann to retire from the stage.

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