Theodor (actually Leinveber) Lebrun

* 14.01.1828 in Condehnen Manor; ✝ 09.04.1895 in Hirschberg

Actor, Theatre Director, Director



Lebrun began his career at the Berlin Urania Theatre, before going on a series of engagements to Breslau, Dessau, Danzig, Hanover, Wiesbaden and other places. In 1865 he took over the direction of the City Theatre in Riga and from 1868 to1886 that of the Berlin Wallner Theatre, which became famous under his leadership for (though not only for) its farces and comedies. In the period 1886-1889 he once again worked as actor and director at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre, before retiring from the stage in 1889.



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