Theodor Reusche

* 11.01.1826 in Hamburg; ✝ 12.08.1881 in Mondsee (Austria)




Theodor Reusche, the son of a doctor, began his acting career in Schleswig in 1848. After a number of unsuccessful engagements, in 1853 he arrived in Posen, where the artistic director Franz Wallner discovered his comic talent. In 1855 he followed Wallner to the Königstädtische Theater in Berlin, where he became one of the best-loved character actors in Berlin farces and folk-plays. With a few brief interruptions he remained associated  until 1872 with Wallner’s theatrical enterprise, before going to join Laube at the Vienna City Theatre, where he was as quick to make a name for himself as a character actor as he had in Berlin. Finally, Dingelstedt secured his services in 1875 for the Burgtheater.



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