Wolf Heinrich Friedrich Karl Graf von Baudissin

* 30.01.1789 in Kopenhagen; ✝ 04.04.1878 in Dresden

Translator, Diplomat



Baudissin entered the Danish diplomatic service after completing his degree in law at Kiel, Göttingen and Heidelberg. His pro-German sentiments led him to refuse to obey his superiors and he was put under arrest for six months in consequence. Having occupied diplomatic posts in Paris and Vienna he left the service and went on extended trips to Italy, France, Greece and Turkey. He was also busy publishing translations from Middle High German, for example ‘Iwein mit dem Löwen’ by Hartmann von Aues.  In addition he translated plays in poetry and prose from English (inter alia Jonson), French (mainly Molière) and Italian (Gozzi, Goldoni).

From 1827 onwards he lived in Dresden and was a friend of Ludwig Tieck and of Ludwig’s daughter Dorothea.  In collaboration with Dorothea Tieck he translated 13 works of Shakespeare for the so-called Schlegel-Tieck translation – without, however, receiving credit from Tieck for his efforts. In 1836 he translated four apocryphal plays published by Tieck: Edward III, The Life and Death of Thomas Cromwell, Sir John Oldcastle and The London Prodigal.


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