Letters of the Album

Letter 1 [addressed to Samuel Timmins, Director of the Birmingham Central Library; 05.04.1878]


Dear Sir, You remember perhaps, that you showed me one day a little photographic album, which contained some portraits of German Shakespearians, and that you asked me for more, if I should have the opportunity of getting to me such photogramms. When I came back to Germany, I sent a circular...


Letter 2 [addressed to Samuel Timmins, Director of the Birmingham Central Library; 03.05.1878]


Tomorrow the parcel containing the album leaves Berlin and will be in London Monday the 6th. There it is addressed to Mr. Truebners booksellers 57/59 Ludgate Hill, who is requested by me to send the parcel over to You. If you dont get it in right time please write two words to Mr. T and ask...


Letter 3 [circular of F. A. Leo; no date]


During my last visit to England the Chief Librarian of the Birmingham Shakespeare Library requested that I procure for him autographed portrait photographs of German Shakespeareans, accompanied by autograph signatures. This request led me to the idea of donating to the Shakespeare Library an...