Letter 1 [addressed to Samuel Timmins, Director of the Birmingham Central Library; 05.04.1878]

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Dear Sir,

You remember perhaps, that you showed me one day a little photographic album, which contained some portraits of German Shakespearians, and that you asked me for more, if I should have the opportunity of getting to me such photogramms.

When I came back to Germany, I sent a circular (of which I enclose a copy) to all those that have any thing to do with Shakespeare in art, science and literature and I got a nice collection of photo Portraits.

I send them to You with the album which I have ordered for this purpose and which I hope the Committee of the Shakespeare Library at Birmingham will be kind enough to accept from me. I have left place for more photos in the album and shall take care that you get them as soon as any thing remarkable is done in Germany, concerning Shakespeare.

The Stratford Monument on the corner is the silver-reproduction of a model, made by a Berlin artist after a photogramm. – Of the original of this galvanoplastic model I intend to make a present to the Shakespeare-Committee at Stratford with the right of reproducing and selling copies.

With my best words and wishes Ever Yours Truly F. A. Leo

The parcel will be sent to Birmingham in about a week; before that time it is to be laid out at the "Gewerbe-Museum". –

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Letter 1 [addressed to Samuel Timmins, Director of the Birmingham Central Library; 05.04.1878], in: The Digital Shakespeare Memorial Album. Edited by Christa Jansohn. URI: http://www.shakespearealbum.de/uri/letter/c940c0d4-5d62-4171-952e-7f6cd9e448bd. (Accessed on 30.05.2024)

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