Letter 3 [circular of F. A. Leo; no date]



During my last visit to England the Chief Librarian of the Birmingham Shakespeare Library requested that I procure for him autographed portrait photographs of German Shakespeareans, accompanied by autograph signatures. This request led me to the idea of donating to the Shakespeare Library an album wherein all things and persons German standing in a distinguished relationship to Shakespeare in any sphere of activity whatever should have their place – be they scholar, artist or poet.

In consequence, I take the opportunity to ask you whether you would be so amiable as to do me the honour of sending me for this purpose a photograph of yourself along with a signature.

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Letter 3 [circular of F. A. Leo; no date], in: The Digital Shakespeare Memorial Album. Edited by Christa Jansohn. URI: http://www.shakespearealbum.de/uri/letter/fc64b815-b6bf-4ec7-ae62-cc39f79319d3. (Accessed on 31.05.2023)

This text is published under the following licence: CC BY-ND 3.0 DE. Digitzed media reproduced with the permission of the library of Birmingham.

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